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與 COPE 小隊齊齊讀繪本、學防災!

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與 COPE 小隊齊齊讀繪本、學防災!



The COPE Squad from the picture book series, COPE, is here to teach all Hong Kong kids how to Get Ready and Be Prepared in face of disasters!


Apart from reaching out to children via our electronic books and distribution of hard copies of the COPE story books, we organised special activities suitable for children and parents to discover more about how they can protect their safety and their loved ones during emergencies.


On 18 January 2020, we teamed up with Seeds Children’s Bookstore and Ms. Carmen Wong Che-ching (燒賣姐姐), an experienced children’s storyteller, conducted the first COPE book storytelling session for children and parents. Storytelling is a valuable strategy to teach children about disaster preparedness because of various benefits. Storytelling can bring tedious subjects to life in an impressive and lively way. Stories can also help conceptualise children’s responsibility and roles as members of society, to lead a safety life in this case. Multi-sensory learning and games were used to enhance learning outcomes. Both children and parents were highly engaged in the storytelling activities.  


Using touching and humorous illustrations to teach children simple steps for disaster preparedness, the COPE book series helps increase children’s awareness of their roles in helping themselves and their communities to better prepare for disasters.


The HKJCDPRI is going to organise more COPE books storytelling activities in future. Please check out more at !


The picture book reading activity created an easy-to-follow environment for children to learn disaster preparedness. (Middle: Ms. Carmen Wong)


Participating children learnt how to pack their own Survival Bag by selecting appropriate contents after reading relevant plot from the story.


The interim interactive game involving parents for teaching “Drop! Cover! Hold!” in case of earthquakes.