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Publications & Research

Publications & Research

We provide a platform between researchers, disaster practitioners, healthcare professionals and students for expertise exchange, collaboration and policy discussion.

Publications & Research

The HKJCDPRI Publications Section contains collaborative researches and publications with our partners and renowned academic institutions, and other research and development projects related to disaster preparedness and response.

The Guidelines section contains our selected collection of technical information, operational guidelines and useful tools for disaster management.

The Blog sub-section provides a platform where our team and peers share news and updates, as well as opinions and experiences in building disaster preparedness for the communities.


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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute and the Department of Early Childhood Education, Education University of Hong Kong are currently conducting a research project entitled "Disaster Education in Action: The Effects and Challenges in Hong Kong Kindergarten Settings". The study aims to investigate the impact of disaster education programmes on young children’s learning. In-service kindergarten teachers are invited to participate in this survey (available in Chinese only), which will take about 10-15 minutes. The first 300 eligible participants who have completed the questionnaire will receive a $50 gift voucher as a token of our appreciation.

[This article is only available in Chinese.]

[This article is only available in Chinese.]

朱祖良   春天已臨,夏季將至,如果颱風再度吹襲,你會事先做甚麼準備?   類似的問題,香港賽馬會災難防護應變教研中心就曾經於2018年委託民意研究計劃 (2019年7月前隸屬香港大學,現隸屬香港民意研究所) 進行隨機抽樣電話調查,訪問了過千名18歲或以上的香港居民,所得數據再按香港人口統計數字加權分析。   2018年10月初,即颱風山竹吹襲香港後一個月,調查發現45%市民表示當時有在窗門上貼膠紙,18%則表示有儲備食糧。想起這些準備,今時今日的你覺不覺得要再做?抑或你不打算做任何準備? 當年,多達36%香港人就似乎沒有做任何特別準備。即使有,亦可能低估了颱風可能造成的影響。以下取自天文台關於颱風山竹的報告: 「山竹吹襲期間,本港至少有458人受傷,另有超過六萬宗的塌樹報告……多處有物件被吹倒、高空墜物及建築物受損……有大廈外牆及天台屋被強風吹倒……將軍澳有住宅單位的玻璃窗被吹毀,荔景亦有住宅單位的冷氣機被吹入室內……全港有超過四萬戶電力供應中斷……當中約13,500戶停電超過24小時……停電亦引致一些地方的食水供應受到影響……大澳、鯉魚門及沙田曾大屋村一帶因嚴重水浸,多名村民需要疏散。海水亦湧入杏花邨及將軍澳南一帶,有地下停車場被海水淹浸,多輛汽車被淹沒……本港海陸空交通在山竹來襲當天癱瘓……」  


In times of Sudden Onset Disaster (SOD), timely emergency medical services are crucial to the affected communities. Being seen as one of the most important approach in emergency situations, emergency medical teams have a long history of responding to SODs such as the Haiti earthquake, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the floods in Pakistan.  


Two representatives of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) participated in the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) Congress held on 7 – 10 May 2019. The WADEM Congress is a biennial international event which provides an interactive and stimulating environment for participants to share research and findings, exchange ideas and best practices and network with peers.