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Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience

Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience


Different communities experience disasters differently. Even within individual communities, certain members are more vulnerable and may need tailored advice and support when coping with and recovering from disasters.


Being deeply rooted in the communities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) possess extensive knowledge and experience to identify those members and their specific needs. NGOs are also the key at reaching and mobilizing the individuals to join the force. 


Therefore, HKJCDPRI collaborates with NGOs and schools to design and implement public awareness and education campaigns, based on the threats relevant to the communities’ locality and features. Leveraging on their foundation and long-term commitments, community resilience could be enhanced through a range of tailored activities.


Priority will be given to the most vulnerable groups – including but not limited to the elderly, children, women, ethnic minorities and people with disability. Collectively we aim to promote positive attitudes and behaviors among individuals and communities, in protecting oneself and supporting the others when disaster strikes.


Check the details out at our Community Engagement Page: