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School Programmes

School Programmes

The HKJCDPRI recognises that individuals at all ages can be empowered to engage in disaster planning, preparation, response and recovery. Awareness and knowledge are the keys to gain access to these stages of disaster cycle.

As an effective platform in building awareness and transferring knowledge, school plays an important role in disaster education.  At the same time, “engagement from an early age” yields an array of benefits for not just children and their families, but also for communities through an improved social connections and disaster preparedness capacity building.

Therefore, the HKJCDPRI designs programmes for local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as one of the public engagement strategies to achieve total community resilience.


Disaster Education Programme for Kindergartens

The HKJCDPRI facilitates local kindergartners to integrate disaster preparedness into their school curriculum. Specialised trainings on teaching methodologies and disaster risks reduction are provided to support teachers on curriculum design, lesson plans and teaching materials development, as well as impact assessment. By strategically setting the scenes that are close to daily lives, students are allowed to learn efficiently in a fun and engaging environment.


Disaster Education Programme for Primary Schools

Interactive drama education session is designed to provide primary students with immersive experience, that conveys key risk concepts and disaster knowledge in the face of emergencies. The session allows students to associate disaster events with their everyday lives, which in turn arouse the interest and motivation for learning proper attitudes and behaviors towards disaster preparedness.

(Photos by Information Services Department, HKSAR Government)


Disaster Education Programme for Secondary Schools

The HKJCDPRI supports short courses in the train-the-trainer programme organised by the Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC). CCOUC collaborates with the Education Bureau to train secondary school teachers in teaching disaster-related issues, who in turn educate the students on the issues, as complementary to the Liberal Studies school curriculum.

The learning and teaching series titled "Global Public Health Learning and Teaching Series: Health Protection" is tailored under the framework of Liberal Studies curriculum in Hong Kong, and is developed with the themes of:

  • Urban Threat of Infectious Diseases

  • Relationship between Disasters and Public Health

  • Globalisation - Climate Change and Human Health

  • Health Environmental Hazards and Public Health ResponsesHealth

Refer to the CCOUC Website for details: