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India says hospitals are functioning normally. But after weeks of restrictions, doctors and patients in Kashmir speak of increasingly long waits for treatment and medicine shortages.
The war may be largely over, but the fight for peace continues and much could yet happen that would reverse hard-won gains.
With femicide and maternal mortality rates rising at home and the risk of forced rebel recruitment or sexual assault if they flee, there are no easy choices.
Lebanese authorities have forcibly deported thousands across the border to war-torn Syria. For the family members of those sent back, it’s a trying time.
Undocumented and exposed, Haitian migrants are facing even more uncertainty after Hurricane Dorian.
Investigators say they’ve widened the net to uncover fresh evidence of crimes against the Rohingya and other minorities. But accountability is elusive as the UN-mandated mission comes to an end.
The US government is staying on the sidelines in the latest case brought against non-profits working in Palestine. Five more filings are in the works.
A wide-ranging exit interview with MSF’s international president touching on Game of Thrones, ‘humanitarian divas’, and plenty in between.
Asylum seekers coming to Southeast Asian cities soon discover there’s little protection from police raids – and slim prospects for resettlement.
Famine warnings may have receded, but the war still continues in Yemen and children are still starving to death.