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Development of online learning materials will foster skills upgrading and facilitate knowledge transfer among humanitarian workers and emergency responders. Different online learning materials cover a variety of foundation topics, and a range of specific topics of particular interest.

All of our online learning materials can be found here:


Certificate-Bearing Online Courses

The e-learning modules cover essential components of humanitarian and disaster preparedness and response to promote public engagement in disaster preparedness in Hong Kong. The e-learning modules were developed in collaboration with Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Emergency Medicine Unit (EMU) of The University of Hong Kong. The e-learning modules are open to all members of the public.


The e-learning modules are all certificated and CME/CPD bearing.


Disaster Case Studies

As one of the efforts to promote learning from best practices in disaster response, the HKJCDPRI partnered with the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights (FXB) at Harvard University to develop case studies based on real scenarios.  The case studies cover wide spectrum of disasters and scenario of emerging disaster risks, thus highlighting lessons learned and best practice in disaster response.


Our case studies are presented in various forms, including study papers, interactive modules and videos. Teaching materials for tertiary education or professional learning are also available upon request. Please contact for details.


Webinars / Webcasts

In order to facilitate learning of a wider range of stakeholders, the HKJCDPRI hosts webinars to explore the frontier of key practical and professional issues. The webinars present a range of topics related to disaster preparedness for audiences from all disciplines. The network established through such events allows experts to share insights and new ideas within the highly dispersed professional community. Global experts of respective fields will be invited to speak at the webinars.