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Upcoming Events & Training Courses

Upcoming Events & Training Courses

We train and equip individuals with professional skills in disaster preparedness and response through various programmes

Upcoming Events & Training Courses


Health system strengthening can promote resilience and efficient recovery in disasters. This course will introduce important frameworks and responses of the health system that guide managing disaster. Participants will learn about the building blocks and key components of the health system. There is technical training on the impact of health system in the preparedness, response and recovery phases of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) cycle. We will demonstrate the impact, response and effort of health system by drawing from actual worldwide experience of large-scale disasters in different economic and political systems. To learn more and enroll to the course
China, which is one of the countries most severely afflicted by natural disasters, has suffered huge loss in human lives and economic terms from various sorts of natural disasters over the years. What’s worse, nearly half of the Chinese populations live in rural areas. The impact by natural disasters in rural areas is disproportionately high. There are two foci of the Course: disaster response and rehabilitation in the rural setting. The first focus covers the knowledge and skills, in basic and advanced level, essential for disaster response. The second one is on the rehabilitative care for victims in a natural disaster. To learn more and enroll to the course
This course will introduce the basic concepts of health and public health and core principles for public health practice. These core concepts and principles are fundamental for developing and implementing health interventions in health emergency and disaster risk management (Health- EDRM) at global level. In this course, public health practice is categorised into three major domains: health protection, health promotion and health service provision. Each domain will be explained in lecture 3, 4 & 5 with relevant principles, models and theories to help understand how public health interventions and policies are developed and implemented.


The Fundamental Disaster Response Course is organized by the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine and supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI), aiming to cultivate leadership in disaster management. This is the fourth running of the course, which will be delivered over 4 full days spanning 4 months.   Course Content and Methodology The course will cover core skills and a competency checklist for disaster management, and will be delivered via lectures, discussions, demonstrations, experience sharing. Self-reading is expected during the designated study period with a minimum commitment of 3 hours reading per week. The course would be delivered in English.  


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