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Advanced Disaster Response Course

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Advanced Disaster Response Course

The first Advanced Disaster Response Course (ADRC),organised by the Disaster Medicine Subcommittee of the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine and supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute, commenced in September 2016. The course was organized over four days within the duration of 24 September - 3 December 2016, with a main theme for discussion for each day. The topics included “Urban Humanitarian Emergencies”, “Incident Categorisation”, “Hospital Planning and Response” and “Urban Disasters and the World”. 


In total, 32 students enrolled for the course, including 19 doctors, nine nurses, two ambulance officers and two hospital managers. Throughout the course, participants developed the knowledge and skills to prepare health care facilities for effective response, to ensure continuous operations during and after disasters, and to recover for the better from the impacts of disasters. Interactive simulation exercises throughout the course provided an opportunity for participants to practice the skills and knowledge learned during the course.



For more detailed information about the course, please contact HKJCDPRI secretariat at [email protected] or at 2871 8507, or visit