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18 May 2022

香港賽馬會災難防護應變教研中心( 教研中心) 堅信「防災教育,從小做起」,自2019 年起積極與業界和學界合作,研發有趣又貼近生活的教學方法與教材,培養幼兒的防災知識、技能和態度,為應對未來的危難事件作好充分的身心準備。

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22 May 2019

Two representatives of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) participated in the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) Congress held on 7 – 10 May 2019.

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22 Nov 2018

(Please click here for the Chinese version)(Please click here for the Chinese version)(Hong Kong, 6 Nov 2018) Hong Kong is still reeling from the impacts of super Typhoon Mangkhut after it devastated the city more than a month ago. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) commissioned the Public Opinion Programme of the University of Hong Kong to conduct a survey to gauge the public awareness and views of typhoon preparedness for Mangkhut. Findings of the survey were released today.

The survey showed that almost half (45%) of the interviewees taped windows to reduce damage and injury by broken glass which is the main precautionary measure taken by the interviewees when Mangkhut hit the city.

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25 May 2018

This case on stampedes is aimed at familiarizing students and practitioners of public health, disaster management, and urban planning with the risk of stampedes in mass gatherings. Stampedes and weather related events are the two greatest causes of mortality at mass gatherings. This case focuses on stampedes

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30 Apr 2018

Every summer, Hong Kong is faced with multiple typhoons and excessive rainfall, consequently inducing landslides, increasing potential disaster threats. Prevention of landslides is the best way to combat such natural phenomenon.


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14 Mar 2018

The research entitled “Smart Landslide Information System” led by the research team of the Department of Civil and Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute was completed in November 2017.

A hilly terrain and seasonal torrential rainfalls present Hong Kong with the ideal conditions for landslides. With the advent of climate change, the number, scale, spatial extent, and frequency of landslides are expected to be unprecedented. With a comprehensive and world-leading slope safety system in place, there are always opportunities to examine ways to embrace technology and try to further enhance the management of landslide disasters to cope with the dynamic climate conditions that the world is facing.

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01 Mar 2018

Housing has been a challenge faced by people from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

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25 Oct 2017

In response to the 1972 Po Shan Road landslide tragedy, and considering the fact that the landscape of the Po Shan hillside is susceptible to landslide due to high groundwater levels, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has recently designed

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