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Public Educational Resources

Public Educational Resources

We provide a variety of disaster learning materials on our online platform.

Public Educational Resources

The HKJCDPRI Public Educational Resources Section contains educational materials prepared for use amongst the general population for community education, and contain a variety of topics that allow the community to make informed decisions when preparing for disasters.

All resources listed here are freely and publicly available, unless specified otherwise. We ask users to use them with respect and credit the authors as appropriate.


Terrorist attacks are one of the new global challenges. In recent years, mass gathering events have become the target of attacks. The November 2015 Paris attacks, 2016 Nice truck attack, Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 etc. Fortunately, Hong Kong has not experienced any terrorist attacks but we cannot exclude such risks. We can proactively prepare ourselves, raise our awareness and enhance our ability to respond. We envision a prepared community in Hong Kong to respond to disasters in a timely, coordinated and efficient manner to save lives and relieve suffering. Apart from natural disasters, we should also pay high attention to emergency incidents. We encourage everyone to be prepared for danger in times of peace when attending mass gathering event.