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Public Educational Resources

Public Educational Resources

We provide a variety of disaster learning materials on our online platform.

Public Educational Resources

The HKJCDPRI Public Educational Resources Section contains educational materials prepared for use amongst the general population for community education, and contain a variety of topics that allow the community to make informed decisions when preparing for disasters.

All resources listed here are freely and publicly available, unless specified otherwise. We ask users to use them with respect and credit the authors as appropriate.


Titled “防災小將”, the Cantonese song highlights the importance of disasters risk awareness and the key message of “Get Ready! Be Prepared for Disasters!”, using simple wordings, catchy melody and energetic song arrangement. Listen and sing-a-along NOW!     (Lyrics only available in Cantonese) 防災小將 作詞:陳心遙 作曲、編曲、監製:李寶瑜 主唱:丘展誠、梁景堯、張妙妙、黎京玫   啦啦啦⋯⋯啦啦啦⋯⋯   別認為 十全十美 世界如常 但突然 就有異常



[This article is only available in Chinese.]

[This article is only available in Chinese.]

雖然颱風季節已過,然而經歷過「山竹」吹襲的香港人怎能鬆懈?我們發現保護大廈的玻璃窗戶、電力不穩以及保護汽車免受洪水浸壞,成為大多香港人的防災重點。將來市民面對的颱風可能愈來愈強,大家必須汲取經驗,未雨綢繆持續學習。 香港賽馬會災難防護應變教研中心,邀請已退休的理大前機械工程學系工程師盧覺強,在一連三集的短片中與大家分享在保護窗戶、電力不穩以及汽車保護方面的重要知識。


Terrorist attacks are one of the new global challenges. In recent years, mass gathering events have become the target of attacks. The November 2015 Paris attacks, 2016 Nice truck attack, Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 etc. Fortunately, Hong Kong has not experienced any terrorist attacks but we cannot exclude such risks. We can proactively prepare ourselves, raise our awareness and enhance our ability to respond. We envision a prepared community in Hong Kong to respond to disasters in a timely, coordinated and efficient manner to save lives and relieve suffering. Apart from natural disasters, we should also pay high attention to emergency incidents. We encourage everyone to be prepared for danger in times of peace when attending mass gathering event.