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Disaster Preparedness Education Campaign for Public Housing Estates

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Disaster Preparedness Education Campaign for Public Housing Estates

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI), in collaboration with the Community Development Enhancement Fund (CEDF), developed a disaster preparedness education campaign for public housing estate, Hung Fook Estate, located in the Hung Shui Kiu district in Yuen Long. The programme commenced in March 2019. Under a participatory and mass education approach, over 2,500 resident were reached and worked together to keep their living environment clean in order to prevent outbreak of infectious diseases. 


The campaign conducted education sections to residents on various disaster risks that the residents would face in their living environments. A variety of activities including on-street kiosks, household visits and colouring competition for children were used to target different groups of residents. To promote residents' sense of ownership and cooperation with different players who have a role in keeping the estate safe, such as the estate management office and NGOs in the area, resident volunteer teams were formed and sent to maintain a  clean and hygenic living environment for themselves. The resident volunteers also delivered disaster preparedness messages to their neighbours through household visits. 


The nine-month campaign ended with a survey on residents' awareness and preparedness on infectious diseases outbreak. The survey revealed that residents were generally not aware of the roles of themselves and other players in their community in preventing an infectious disease outbreak. The results would provide a good reference for estate agencies and NGOs in the Hung Fuk Estate area in planning of disaster preparedness educational programmes in future. 


Resident volunteers delivered disaster preparedness knowledge to their neighbors through household visit.


To promote residents' ownership of keep their living environment clean, resident volunteer teams were formed to help the task.