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29 Aug 2019

Community Development Enhancement Fund (CEDF) supported "Disaster Preparedness in Hung Fuk Estate" Public Housing Education Campaign

Completed in 2015, Hung Fuk Estate in Yuen Long is the first public housing estate in Hung Shui Kiu district. The estate design conserves the rural environment, maintaining the overall greening ratio to 30%. A green environment, however, brings mosquitoes and pests infestation though it provides relaxing and pleasant surroundings.  In addition,, the government plans to set-up a large refuse collection depot with a Community Recycling Centre near Hung Fuk Estate, which has aroused residents’ concern on potential pest and rodent infestation, as well as the outbreak of infectious diseases.  

HKJCDPRI collaborated with the Community Development Enhance Fund to launch a programme in Hung Fuk Estate, targeting to promote knowledge about typhoons and infectious diseases outbreak prevention through setting up education booths, floor cleaning, onsite education visits and organising workshops. The programme also aims at fostering effective communication among the Hung Fuk Estate management office of the Housing Department, management office and residents, while promoting networks and platforms for disaster preparedness education in order to enhance the community’s capacity in preventing and tackling pest and rodent problems. By preventing the outbreak of infectious diseases, we hope that we can build up a safe community. This is the first new public housing programme launched by HKJCDPRI. At its mid-phase, a community research was carried out simultaneously for an understanding of the risks of infectious diseases outbreak in new public housing estates and their response capacities. Detailed research findings will be released to 400 relevant units and organisations in October 2019.

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14 Jan 2019

Carbon Care InnoLab / Tai O Sustainable Development Education Workshop
Flood Preparedness and Climate Change Awareness Enhancement Campaign in Tai O 

As a low-lying costal area, Tai O has long been suffering from significantly higher risk of flood compared to other districts. Projected sea-level rise, as well as more frequent / severe typhoon and heavy rain due to climate change pose a even more serious threat. In view of the potential hazard, HKJCDPRI collaborated with 2 grass-root organizations, Carbon Care InnoLab and Tai O Sustainable Development Education Workshop, to conduct educational talks, workshops and exhibitions. Community members and key stakeholders were encouraged to join the move to reduce flood risks in Tai O. A community survey was also conducted, reiterating that the flood management mechanism led by the government is inadequately understood by the residences in Tai O. Recommendation has been made to enhance the flood preparedness and response, especially among the residence in Tai O.

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14 Jan 2019

The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong)
Community-based Campaign on Climate-related Disaster Response in the North District

The North District (covering Fanling, Sheung Shui, Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling) is another “traditional” flooding blackspot, due to its high coverage of floodplain with inadequate drainage capacity. The government even warns the increasing challenges from extreme weather due to climate change. This campaign, collaborated with the Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong), suggested a community-based approach to tackle the issue. Selected youths from the district were capacitated through train-of-trainers programme, who would then further disseminate the knowledge in flood preparedness to other community members. The public education efforts were propagated by means of a virtual reality (VR) game and 4 video clips, specifically produced for residences in the district, with the support from the Hong Kong Observatory.

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