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The Global Risks Report 2020 Cover - WEF
08 May 2020

At a critical time when collective action is essential to correct the failures of climate change, biodiversity loss and infectious disease, nations are more fragmented than ever.

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23 Jan 2020

Four phases of disaster management are well-established in disaster related literature.

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23 Dec 2019

The first World Disaster Report​ was published in 1993 with the aims of bringing up the latest trends, facts and anlysis of comtemporary disasters and the impact of disasters on vulnerable pe

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11 Oct 2019

The Annual International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDRR) will be held on 13 Oct 2019 (Sunday) this year.


What is the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction?

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29 Sep 2019

New Indicators of Resilience added to the Safe Cities Index 2019. Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka ranked top 3.

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30 Apr 2019

Recently, I attended the 4th Global Summit of Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction (4th GSRIDRR) in the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, at Kyoto University.

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03 Apr 2019

People living in urban environments face multiple risks which range from financial risks, physical risks (natural hazards), technological risks (building structures, infrastructure, hazardous facilities) and social risks (violence, social dissatis

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28 Mar 2019

Recent review of more than 180 studies on the health impact of heatwaves published during 1946-2017 reports that there are substantial gaps between the research effort on the health impact of heatwaves and the need of population.

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