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Visit to Po Shan Drainage Tunnels

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Visit to Po Shan Drainage Tunnels

In response to the 1972 Po Shan Road landslide tragedy, and considering the fact that the landscape of the Po Shan hillside is susceptible to landslide due to high groundwater levels, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has recently designed and introduced an innovative and sustainable groundwater regulation system in a bid to supplement its current measures against landslide. 

The new system enables real-time monitoring and control to regulate the groundwater levels, thereby substantially alleviating the risk of major landslides in the area. The project was awarded the Second Runner-up in the construction category of Innovation Award for the Engineering Industry 2012/13 given its effectiveness in control of groundwater level and its robustness.

Invited by the GEO, a delegation of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) and Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) paid a visit to Po Shan Drainage Tunnels on 23 October 2017 to learn about slope safety strategies. During the visit, both parties also shared their views and experiences in publicity education on topics related to disaster-preparedness and disaster-response. 

Staff of the GEO explaining how the Po Shan Drainage Tunnel works.

A delegation from HKAM & HKJCDPRI visited the Po Shan Tunnels, led by staff of the GEO. 
From left to right: Mr Bruce Wong (Manager (Innovative Learning), HKJCDPRI); Ms Tiffany Yeung (Manager (Professional Development), HKJCDPRI); Mr Aaron Cheng (CEO, HKAM); Ms Eva Lam (Director, HKJCDPRI); Mr Tony Ho (Chief Geotechnical Engineer, GEO); Dr Chow Yu-Fat (Executive Committee, HKJCDPRI); Ms Angel Ng (Senior Manager, HKJCDPRI); Mr Lawrence Shum (Senior Geotechnical Engineer, GEO); Mr Roger Cheung (Assistant Director, HKJCDPRI)