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14 Jan 2019

Amity Mutual Support Society(恆康互助社)
Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience for People in Recovery with Mental Illness

When facing a disaster, people in recovery (PIR) with mental illness are more vulnerable than the others, likely due to their unfulfilled learning needs and slower response resulted from the medication. HKJCDPRI collaborated with Amity Mutual Support Society(恆康互助社)to conduct first-aid training, using a method that adapt to the learning modes of the members. Vocational training (e.g. preparation of mobile educational booths) and workshops covering common emergency incidents in Hong Kong were also organized. Not only their skills and knowledge are enhanced, the involvement of family members and the general public throughout the campaign has also promoted social inclusion.

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14 Jan 2019

Silence Limited (龍耳)
Fire Preparedness and Response Workshop cum Forum on Disabilities Inclusive Management

Disaster preparedness tools (e.g. visual fire alarm for early warning) and education was found to be lacking or non-accommodative for people with hearing impairment in Hong Kong. Therefore, HKJCDPRI collaborated with the Silence (龍耳) to conduct fire drills and produce sign-language videos on fire evacuation, in order to enhance their awareness and knowledge. We also engaged key stakeholders in the “Forum on Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities”, to mobilize wider audiences (especially those from/work with the disability sector) to join hands in community resilience enhancement. 

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