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03 Dec 2019


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17 Oct 2019






防災訊息圖像 - 個人衛生與傳染病

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15 Oct 2019

近日社會情況動盪,做好出門的物品清單,這個清單只供參考,大家要因應自己和家人的個别需要作準備 (如藥物和醫療需要)...

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11 Oct 2019

A global disaster book series is now available free-of-charge in Hong Kong for our kids! 


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10 Aug 2019

Extreme weather may cause more frequent and stronger typhoons. Be well prepared and take appropriate precautions can greatly lessen damages and influence of typhoons.

To be well prepared in typhoon season, we must take proper safety measures to prevent, respond and relieve a typhoon during different stages. For that, HKJCDPRI created a "Typhoon Preparedness: 3 Important Steps: What to do before, during and after typhoons" brochure to elaborate more on these safety measures!

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21 Jun 2019

Titled “防災小將”, the Cantonese song highlights the importance of disasters risk awareness and the key message of “Get Ready! Be Prepared for Disasters!”, using simple wordings, catchy melody and energetic song arrangement.

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23 Nov 2018



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02 Nov 2017

Terrorist attacks are one of the new global challenges. In recent years, mass gathering events have become the target of attacks. The November 2015 Paris attacks, 2016 Nice truck attack, Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 etc.

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