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Senior Leadership Programme -Training Workshop on Disaster Management

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Senior Leadership Programme -Training Workshop on Disaster Management

As part of the Senior Leadership Programme organised by the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine and supported by the HKJCDPRI, a training workshop on disaster management was held on 19 and 26 November 2016.


This one and a half day workshop aimed to develop leadership competency for potential senior leaders in largescale disasters with a public health and community focus. It has been catered for medical and health professionals, as well as those in related disciplines who will be taking a leading or managerial role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.


In total, there were 29 participants registered in this workshop. Most of them were doctors from the Department of Health and Hospital Authority. Other participants were from the Civil Aid Service, Auxiliary Medical Service and the Police Force. 


The workshop included lectures, simulation exercises, as well as discussions. Topics of the workshop included strategies to manage and lead public sentiments in disaster management, making statement for different stakeholder for delivering disaster management messages in response and recovery, effective crisis response, social media monitoring, crisis leadership and decision-making in complex crisis situations, and managing teams and people in disaster responses. Through the workshop, participants conferred with practical skills and strategies in improving leadership and communication during health crises and disasters.


A talk on strategies to manage and lead public sentiments in disaster management (left), and group presentation after a discussion on remedy and crisis response, followed by trainer feedback (right)


Please contact the HKJCDPRI secretariat at [email protected] or 2871 8507 for more details about the programme.