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Disaster Field Responder Course

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Disaster Field Responder Course

Supported by six organisations, namely the Ambulance Service Institute, Civil Aid Service, Fire Service Department, Hong Kong Disaster Medicine Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, and Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, the first session of the Disaster Field Responder Course was held on 15 August 2015 and attended by 45 participants from the six supporting organisations.

The course aimed at enhancing first aiders’ disaster response capacity with updated knowledge and essential practical skills in disaster situations. It covered topics on field command and coordination, first responders’ practical skills in disaster situations and special scenarios, as well as psychological support. 

The Disaster Field Responder Course was attended by participants from six organisations contributing to emergency response in Hong Kong.


Apart from lectures, practical skills training was also key part of the course.


45 participants joined the training held in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.