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A public-private financing concept promises a win-win alliance between donors and social investors to fund transformative aid projects. But it’s complicated, and off to a slow start.
For thousands of Syrians languishing for years in the deteriorating desert camp, return to areas controlled by President Bashar al-Assad is still worse than staying.
Kenya was winning its war against malaria, but drug resistance is now undermining hard-won successes and in danger of overturning them.
Renewed violence in the northeastern province has uprooted 300,000 people since June. With the world’s eyes on Ebola, there’s little help on hand.
Health experts say the addition of the new vaccine could help contain the second deadliest epidemic ever.
Aid groups say the asylum system on the Mediterranean island nation is open to abuse by migrants looking to make false claims just to stay longer.
ISWAP, the breakaway faction of Boko Haram, is building its own state in the Lake Chad region as an alternative to Nigeria.
The odds are stacked against those trying to enter and aid groups fear a winter crisis ahead for thousands stuck on the Croatian border.
Syrians living in the United States will face more uncertainty – and the prospect of return – in 18 months time.
Ebola cases rose this week in Goma, along with fears this densely populated city may not be as ready as hoped to tackle an outbreak.