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Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses

HKJCDPRI will leverage existing expertise and the vast experience of local leadership in disaster response under the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM) and the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine (HKCEM) to develop leadership programmes geared towards senior level staff to develop their overall planning and management skills to coordinate disaster responses. 


Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine

Fundamental Disaster Response Course (FDRC)

The FDRC is organised by the Disaster Medicine Subcommittee of the HKCEM, aiming at cultivating interest and leadership in humanitarian response and disaster management. The course sets clear learning objectives with core skills and competency checklist for health care professionals who will be involved in disaster responses and interested in overseas humanitarian responses.


The course invites cross-sector speakers from the region, including medical doctors, humanitarian workers, specialists and administrators from the government sector.


Advanced Disaster Response Course (ADRC)

Natural or man-made disasters with intensive or extensive risks, foreseen or without warning, result in varying health effects and consequences. Survival rates of victims depend on an array of factors, especially the surge capacity of hospitals and health care facilities to manage expanded demand of mass casualties for services and resources. Cognizant of the need of hospitals to be prepared to ensure continuous operations during and after a disaster strikes, and in times their services are needed most, the ADRC is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of administrative and medical personnel to prepare health care facilities to respond effectively, to ensure continuous operations during or even after disasters, and to recover for better from the impacts of disasters.


Hong Kong College of Community Medicine 

Senior Leadership Programme

The Senior Leadership Programme aims at developing leadership competency in large scale disasters with a public health and community focus. It caters for medical and health professionals, as well as those in related disciplines who will be taking a leading or managerial role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, highlighting cross-sector collaboration.


Topics of the workshop included strategies to manage public sentiments in disaster management, making statement for different stakeholders for delivering disaster management messages in response and recovery, effective crisis response, social media monitoring, crisis leadership and decision-making in complex crisis situations, and managing teams and people in disaster responses. Through practical examples and case studies, participants will learn practical skills and strategies in improving leadership and communication during health crises and disasters.