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World Health Organization Emergency Medical Teams Global Meeting 2016 (28-30 November 2016, Hong Kong)

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World Health Organization Emergency Medical Teams Global Meeting 2016 (28-30 November 2016, Hong Kong)

Jointly organised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and HKJCDPRI, the third WHO Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) Global Meeting has been held on 28-30 November at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building. This important meeting brought together over 300 policy leaders, government officials, emergency health professionals, researchers, disaster response teams, NGOs and donors from 63 countries or regions. It allowed forefront dialogues on strategic governance, recent development, innovations and good practice sharing from technical, clinical, legal and operational perspective. 

The meeting consisted of three plenary sessions and 17 thematic panels with various topics related to EMT. Topics included three main streams, namely clinical care, logistics and operation, and administration and training. There were also four workshops for infectious disease, hospital site selection, surgical and trauma care and media in emergencies. On the third day of the meeting, Regional EMT meetings (Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa) were held to discuss the current EMT situations and the way forward in each respective regions. During the meeting, Over 20 exhibitors had showcased their work through posters, video clips and equipment exhibition to share their EMT experience.


VIP Guests of the WHO EMTs Global Meeting 2016

Group photo of the WHO EMTs Global Meeting 2016

Exhibiting counters at the WHO EMTs Global Meeting 2016

Dr Margret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization,
was giving a speech at the last session of the meeting on day 3


The HKJCDPRI has been supporting the work of the WHO Global EMTs initiative by developing training and capacity building programmes to professionalise EMTs, including trainings in accordance with the WHO guidelines and standards for the classification of EMTs. Since August 2015, the HKJCDPRI has contributed expertise to various WHO EMTs meetings, development of training curriculum and classification of teams, with a focus on China, including Hong Kong.For more information about WHO EMTs Global Initiative, please contact us at [email protected] or visit: