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05 Jan 2019

Since 2018, the HKJCDPRI has been collaborating with the Fire Services Department and became one of the co-organisers of the “Use the Ambulance Service Properly” Roving Exhibition.

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01 Jan 2019

The HKJCDPRI has been collaborating with NGOs and schools since 2016, to design and deliver “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience” based on the threats identified to be relevant to the locality and features of the communities, to promote awar

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24 Nov 2018

The HKJCDPRI launched its annual multi-media competition, the 2018 Photo Essay Contest, supported by Hong Kong Documentary Initiative and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association, from 1 – 31 October 2018.

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17 Apr 2018

HKJCDPRI collaborates with different organisations and schools on “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience” to deliver public awareness and education campaigns, tailored to the specific potential hazards the community is facing. 

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MMC 2017
23 Feb 2017

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute launches annual “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience” to enhance community resilience through a range of public education activities.


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16 Nov 2016

The Civil Aid Service (CAS) has been organizing annual "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day " since 2005, to raise public awareness of mountaineering safety. In 2016, HKJCDPRI was invited to join force in this meaningful event.


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02 Oct 2016

To increase public awareness on disaster preparedness and response, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) launched a drawing competition for primary school students in Hong Kong in 2016, which attracted

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21 Jul 2016

The battle has begun! "Disaster Commander Wanted!” is the theme of the "Multi-media Competition 2016", which is a part of the annual “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience”.

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21 Jul 2016

HKJCDPRI organizes annual "Multi-media Creative Competition", to raise public awareness by engaging participants in an interactive creation process. We envisage an enhanced level of vigilance and knowledge on disaster risk reduction along the way,

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29 Feb 2016

No one agency or organization can address every aspect of the resilience process alone, more rigorous collaboration is required for complex problem-solving and action. As community organizations increasingly use resilience building to frame how they work, partnerships have become a critical ingredient in addressing the diverse needs in communities. Promoting safety, health, and prosperity becomes

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