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Local Reference Materials

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Local Reference Materials

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has a comprehensive emergency services system, a variety of contingency plans and guidelines to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of the citizens in Hong Kong.


*The documents are not owned by the HKJCDPRI, and are freely and publicly available, unless specified otherwise. We ask users to use them with respect and credit the authors as appropriate.


Publication Year



The Hong Kong Emergency Services


The Government of HKSAR

An overview and some quick facts on the Emergency Services in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Emergency Response Management

Last revised 2018

Security Bureau, The Government of the HKSAR

The Emergency Response System of Hong Kong and the specific Contingency Plans stipulating the roles and responsibilities of different government departments on various disasters.

Guidelines for health professionals of Hong Kong on health protection

Updated regularly

Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, The Government of the HKSAR

Recommendations for health workers on the treatments and protocols of dealing with various infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and laboratory testings.