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A FREE and new Public Health Course ‘Infectious Outbreaks and Disasters’ is now open for application!

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A FREE and new Public Health Course ‘Infectious Outbreaks and Disasters’ is now open for application!

FREE and new Public Health Course, CMED6232 Infectious Outbreaks and Disasters’ (every Monday during 30 Apr - 6 Aug 2018), organised by the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPR) is now open for application.

Human history has been intertwined with infectious outbreaks. From the outbreak of plague in the early 20th century in Manchuria to the most recent outbreak of Zika virus disease in South America, infectious outbreaks have claimed millions of lives and posed a major problem to the global healthcare system. By definition, infectious disease disasters are events that involve a biological agent or disease and cause mass casualties. Infectious outbreaks are closely related to disasters, but they require a different management approach from other types of disasters in terms of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

This course is designed to provide students an overview of infectious outbreaks and disasters so that they can appraise the relationship between the two and critically analyze and propose strategic interventions in response to an infectious disease disaster from the public health perspective.


This course is open to anyone interested in the field of infectious diseases outbreaks and disasters. No prior medical knowledge is required.


Highlights of the course

  • Infectious outbreaks and disasters
  • How an infectious disease becomes a disaster
  • Infection as an aftermath of a disaster
  • Control of an infectious outbreak
  • Community response to an infectious disease disaster
  • Responding to an infectious disease disaster at personal level
  • Ethical issues in infectious outbreaks
  • From Ebola to Zika: lessons learned
  • Infectious disease disaster waiting to happen


To be eligible for admission, a candidate shall:

  1. comply with the HKU General Regulations;
  2. comply with theH Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curricula;
  3. hold a Bachelor’s degree with honours, or another qualification of equivalent standard;
  4. satisfy the HKU English language requirement applicable to higher degrees as prescribed under General Regulation G2(b); and
  5. satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination, if required.


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***Occasional students are not required to undertake the exam, but will have to achieve 80% attendance rate in order to receive a certificate of completion***



The Application Form for Admission as Occasional Students (2017/18) is available at HKU MPH website:

Please complete and return the Application Form by 20 April 2018 to the HKU School of Public Health and, mark the title as “Re: Application form for admission as occasional students – CMED6232”, by email ([email protected]), or mail to the following address:

      G/F, Patrick Manson Building (North Wing), 7 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong


The course ‘Infectious Outbreaks and Disasters’ is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for HKJCDPRI, hence the course fee will be waived by the HKU School of Public Health.



For enquiries, please contact the HKU School of Public Health Master of Public Health (MPH) Office at [email protected] or (852) 3917 9140.