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Disaster Education Programme for Kindergartens: Towards “Engagement from an Early Age”

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Disaster Education Programme for Kindergartens: Towards “Engagement from an Early Age”

​The Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) and the Child Education Centre for Teaching and Learning (CECTL), part of the Department of Childcare, Elderly and Community Services (CECS) of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), joined hands to launch a pilot programme on disaster education for kindergartens targeting on K3 students.


A series of Training-of-Trainers activities were delivered to the teachers from the two participating kindergartens, namely AEFCHK-EFCC Verbena Nursery School and Munsang College Kindergarten, on how disaster education could be delivered to children effectively through experiential learning; stimulation of children’s interests, cultivating positive attitudes in coping with catastrophes; in order to lay the foundation for their future learning in more in-depth knowledge in disaster preparedness.


While Munsang College Kindergarten had implemented a 4-week theme-based teaching on weather and disaster preparedness in May for upper kindergarten (K3) students, AEFCHK-EFCC Verbena Nursery School will commence their teaching in June. After the one to two months of theme-based learning, students are expected to identify potential risks in daily life, and develop safety habits and suitable behaviors in case of emergencies.


Teachers’ training session provided by HKJCDPRI’s Ms Angel Ng (Senior Manager) to the core teaching teams from participating kindergartens.


One of the class observation sessions was arranged on May 22 in Munsang College Kindergarten, with representatives from HKJCDPRI, CECTL, AEFCHK-EFCC Verbena Nursery School, and Munsang College Kindergarten (from left to right).


One of Learning Corners features the theme of preparing for typhoon in Munsang College Kindergarten.


Another Learning Corner in Munsang College simulating a shaking ground during earthquake.

Children learned about the science of fire which is one of the common disaster hazards in Hong Kong.