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Disaster Field Responder Course

Disaster Field Responder Course

Supported by six organizations, Ambulance Service Institute, Civil Aid Service, Fire Services Department, Hong Kong Disaster Medicine Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, and Hong Kong St John Ambulance, the first session of the Disaster Field Responder Course has been held on 15 August 2015. A total of 45 participants from the six supporting organizations attended the first training class on 15 August 2015. The course aims to enhance first aiders’ disaster response capacity with updated knowledge and essential practical skills in disaster situations. It covers topics on command and coordination, practical first responders’ practical skills in disaster situations, special situations and scenarios as well as psychological support.

Course Series

Disaster Field Responder Courses 1-4

Target participants

First aid holders with interest in disaster response



FOUR courses with different contents including lectures, practical sessions and simulation training


Total teaching hours

~7 hours each





Goal of training and course structure

To enhance first aiders’ disaster response capacity with knowledge and essential practical skills during disaster risks


Objectives of the Course
Student should be able to:
1.    To identify the local disaster risks and major health threats to the population
2.    To understand the principles in disaster response and Hong Kong government response plans
3.    To familiarize with the various agencies and their roles during disasters
4.    To have an overview on various hazard specific preparedness skills related to physical and psychosocial health


Course Schedule and Content

DFRC 1- Disaster Response: Command and Coordination
(15/8 Saturday)

DFRC 2- Disaster Response: Practical Skills
(22/8 Saturday)

DFRC 3- Disaster Response: Special Situations and Scenarios
(12/9 Saturday)

DFRC 4- Disaster Response: Psychological Support & Drills
(19/9 Saturday)

The first course held during August to September 2015 completed successful with participation of  44 participants from six organisations. The next courses will be released in 2016. Please stay in touch with us about our new training courses!