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Disaster Simulation Training

Disaster simulation exercises are effective ways of learning to prepare healthcare professionals who will participate in real disaster response operations. As one of the HKJCDPRI’s project components, HKJCPDRI will develop a series of simulation-based learning components to create engaging and experiential learning opportunities for its participants. Activities under this component covers elements of the followings:  

  • Field medical procedures simulation training
  • XVR game-based learning for disaster field coordination and resources planning
  • Use of Virtual Reality (VR) learning for disaster experiential learning, disaster field coordination and resources planning
  • Field-based complex simulation


HKJCDPRI will design and tailor-make training courses for organisations with use of simulation as one of the training elements. Two examples of customised courses that the HKJCDPRI created and developed for two organisations are the “Motorsports Medicine Incident Management Course” developed for medical first responders of the Formula E race and the “Air Crew Resuscitation Simulation Course” designed for the Government Flying Service in collaboration with the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists.


The “Motorsports Medicine Incident Management Courses” were held in September and October 2016 for the Hong Kong Automotive Association to prepare the medical first responders for the Formula E race held in Hong Kong in October 2016. It aimed to enhance command and coordination with different parties, including the marshal team, Chief Medical Officer, first aid team, extrication Team, and fire services. In the scene coordination session, participants were immersed in interactive simulated motor accident scenes created by a virtual reality (VR) game-based tool to interact with each other to familiar themselves with the protocol used in international auto race events. Virtual reality disaster scenes and simulated medical room were set up to facilitate practical learning.

Participants learned about field coordination and communications skills by use of XVR game-based tool which created a simulated disaster scene


For the “Air Crew Resuscitation Simulation Course” designed for the Government Flying Service in collaboration with the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists, high fidelity simulation search and rescue scenarios were produced to enhance the medical search and rescue learning for aircrew officers of the Government Flying Service. The training covers topics such as triage process, pre-hospital and helicopter resuscitation in trauma, amongst other emergency clinical skills. The first course has been conducted on 3 December 2016 and identical sessions will be held for more participants in 2017/2018.

Participants received training inside the helicopter cockpit mock-up


Participants practicing rescue skills with simulating scenarios, which were projected by 360 degree virtual reality film


For enquires and exploration of partnership with HKJCDPRI, please contact our HKJCDPRI secretariat at or tel (852) 2871 8507.