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Community Campaign 2016

Non-profit organisations have extensive experience and expertise in areas of community engagement, education, and various facets of service provision. The existing networks reach far into communities of difference types. Therefore, HKJCDPRI launches annual “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience” to support local Non-profit organisations (NGOs) on a series of public awareness and education campaign implementation.

In 2016, HKJCDPRI successfully launched the first “Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience” under the theme “Date to Prepare – before It’s too Late”.

Four NGO partners had joined forces to design and deliver campaigns with HKJCDPRI, tailored to enhance the resilience of those who are more vulnerable to disasters due to various reasons. Collectively we aim to lead positive individual attitudes and behaviours in protecting oneself when disaster strikes.

Over 9,000 people have benefited from the campaigns in 2016 – get in touch with us if you would like to give us a hand in 2017.


List of NGO Partners in 2016

Name of NGO

Campaign Title (Chinese Only)

Silence Limited

聾人緊急應變(火災) 工作坊及業界研討會

Amity Mutual Support Society (AMSS)

<風雨同渡> 齊抗災

Carbon Care InnoLab (CCIL)


Tai O Sustainable Development Education Workshop (Tai O SDEW)



Campaign Highlights

Debriefing after the fire evacuation drill conducted by the Silence team in sign language, to facilitate knowledge inception for those with hearing impairment.
Forum on “Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness and Response“ co-organized by the Silence and HKJCDPRI held in September 2016, provided a platform for stakeholders to share and exchange on related experience and good practices
Mobile educational booth manned by AMSS volunteers pre-trained in disaster preparedness related workshops, to raise the public awareness while promoting social integration.
Tai O is one of the communities in HK most prone to climate change and related disasters. Targeting especially the elderlies living in Tai O, a carnival with Interactive game booths was held at the Tai O Community Hall, to raise the awareness and knowledge on climate change and potential disaster risks among the community.
CCIL and Tai O SDEW jointly held a press conference in November 2016 to announce the results of “Survey on Disaster Resilience of Tai O Community in a Changing Climate”.